Why You Should Choose A Wool Rug Pad

ecofiber4opt_14 A rug pad is a padding that is placed on the underside of your carpet or rug. Using rug pads will enhance the lifespan of your carpets and rugs as they provide extra coverage and protection reduce slippage and keep carpet fibers from fraying. Rugs, especially the expensive ones like oriental rugs, are a good investment for homes, so it helps to ensure their durability by using rug pads.
Benefits Of Wool Rug Pads
One of the best rug pads to be used with carpets are those made of wool. Wool rug pads offer homeowners many advantages over other rug pads.
They Are 100% Natural
Wool rug pads are made from the most natural and environmentally friendly ingredient: wool. They are completely biodegradable, which means they can be broken down into their original components by natural decomposition without causing pollution. When wool biodegrades, eco-friendly plant nutrients, like sulfur, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen, are produced. Unlike other rug pads which are treated with synthetics, a wool pad remains completely natural even after manufacture.
Can Be Used With All Floors
Wool is a very flexible material. A wool rug pad can be safely used with all types of floors and finishings. It can be easily used over hardwood, tile and stone floors which generally require more sensitivity and care.
Extra Comfort
Wool is a highly soft material that adds to the comfort and softness of the carpet. This makes them suitable for layering carpets in rooms like bathrooms, kitchen and children’s nurseries. They also make pleasant additions in loving rooms. A rug pad adds to the density of the carpet and this helps to insulate the room so that loud noises do not penetrate.
wool26oz__30095.1431457098.1280.1280Easily Renewable
A wool rug pad is the only renewable rug pad available. A wool pad is remade whenever sheep are sheered, which is roughly every 9 to 12 months. Unlike wool rug pads, other pads contain synthetics which make for a prolonged manufacturing process.
Wool Is Odorless
Unlike other rug pads containing synthetic additives, wool rug pads are made from all natural and eco-friendly products and therefore 100% odourless.
Flame Repellant
Other rug pads need to be treated with fire-repellant chemicals to safeguard them against fire. This can compromise the quality of the rug pad. Wool is a natural fire repelling material that is hard to ignite to flame. Also, being biodegradable, wool does not add to air pollution when it burns.
Overall, wool rug pads come widely recommended by many home experts and homeowners as the best rug pads. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, comfortable and can be used with all floors. Considering all their benefits, wool rug pads make a good investment for your rugs and carpets.

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