Why I Got Thick Rug Pads

thickpadsWhen I redecorated my formerly dull-looking home, one of the ways with which I decided to breathe new life into a boring surrounding was adding some colorful carpets. Several of my friends also have carpets, and walking over each, I could tell that they were of various thickness, or rather, elevation from the floor. This was because some of them used thick rug pads, some used thin ones and some just didn’t have any. Out of all, I definitely liked the feel of the thick rug pads most, so I wanted to get them for myself also, once I redecorate. When I have, however, I realized that it’s not just about the thickness, but that there are several other factors to consider.

I certainly did not want to cause damage to my nice carpets nor my floor, so I got to searching for the right material for my rug pads. This is very important as choosing the wrong rug pad can mean it doesn’t last long , doesn’t adequately protect the carpet or the floor, creates discomfort and even damages the carpet.

thickpadsAs you can see, you definitely want to gather as much information as possible in regards to this. Some factors won’t be important to you, just like noise reduction wasn’t an issue for me because I live on the ground floor, nor was slipping an issue because of the size of my rugs. So it was mostly all about having thick rug pads that won’t damage either the carpet or the floor while also being somewhat cushy. While bonded urethane foam is the most widespread material, accounting for the majority of rug pads, and is used from recycled materials which is eco-aware, it can cause the carpet to become yellow, so it was instantly out of the question. Rubber is also often used, with two primary types, one more quality than the other.

Waffle rubber is the lower quality option here, and while it was once popular, it doesn’t support the carpet well enough, causing it to wear down. This was also a no-go, despite the waffle rubber’s comfort. Flat rubber is the more quality option here, and in fact, a lot of people consider it the premium option. However, it can be a bit too hard sometimes, and none of the vendors in my area sold rubber rug pads with natural rubber. As synthetic rubber rug pads can break down, this also wasn’t the option for me.

thickfeltpadsFelt rug pads are another type of rug pad, essentially made of fiber, but due to the nature of the material, dampness can cause it to rot. There are two more types of foam, that is to say, urethane foam, rug pads available. Frothed urethane foam is denser, while prime foam is softer and cushier. Prime foam isn’t a good option for areas with high traffic, but for my home, I believed it was the perfect mixture of quality and comfort.

Each of the thick rug pads made out of prime foam that i bought cost me about $250 because of my larger rugs, but it was a great choice and I definitely wouldn’t want other rug pads.

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