Which are the Best Rug Pads on the Market?

Which are the Best Rug Pads on the Market?

My fiancee and I live on the second floor of my family’s two-story house, and have been for a while now. We find our living accomodations enjoyable and have put a good deal of effort into setting the place for us just how we like it. One of the things that we paid a lot of attention to were carpets. Instead of large rugs covering most of our home, we instead opted for several smaller round rugs as we felt it was more hygienic and gave a nicer look. We were satisfied with our choice until not long ago, my fiancee stepped on one of the carpets causing it to slide underneath her, and sprained an ankle.

bestpadDue to the smaller nature of the carpets, there were always some sliding issues, but after this, it was obvious that we need to either get rid of the carpets, or find a solution to keep them firmly in place. Because we put such an effort into designing the place, we decided that the second option was more desireable, and I set to finding some means of keeping all our rugs in one place regardless of traffic.

As I found out, the go-to choice for this is something called a rug pad. A rug pad is a piece of supportive material made from various substances that you place between your carpet and the floor. It not only keeps the rug in place but offers a wide array of other benefits, such as noise reduction, which wasn’t all too important to us since the carpets were small, but a nice bonus nonetheless. It can also offer protection for your floor as well as the carpet, provided you choose the right type of rug pad.

bestrugpadAs I read about the different materials used, I kept asking myself, what are the best rug pads made of? Well, for starters, there might not necessarily be such a thing as the best rug pads, as every material has its pros and cons. Waffle rubber, a material that decreased in popularity over time, can be too soft and doesn’t always keep the carpet in place. It’s cheaper but due to the smaller size of our rugs, price wasn’t such an issue. Urethane foam, a popular material to make rug pads of all kinds, comes in three different types. Bonded urethane foam is the most widespread material used in making rug pads and the majority of rug pads are indeed made from this, using scrapped or recycled foam. We like the idea of recycling but this type of material is also not without its drawbacks, as the chemical inside it used to prevent inflammation can make your carpet yellow.

We definitely didn’t want that, so we kept looking. Finally, we decided the best rug pads for us would be flat rubber pads, a premium choice boasting longevity and durability. While usually being the most expensive, due to the size of our rugs, it didn’t cost us too much, being only about $30 for each rug. Now, our carpets have a firm feel to them, are more protected, and should never slide again when someone walks over them.

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