The Basics of Cleaning Rug Pads

The Basics of Cleaning Rug Pads

Most homeowners think that rug pads are not affected whenever pet activities or accidental spills happen. They think the rugs on top are most affected by these incidents. However, rug pads are also inadvertently compromised whenever these happen.

cleaningrugpadRug pads work as barriers between floors and carpets. In return, rug pads absorb the moisture which causes a moldy odor. You can take care of this by using reliable household products. Rug pad deodorizers are also available in the market. You can also use a cleaning agent provided that the instruction label of the pads allows you to do so.

Rug pads also become the shock absorber in cases where your pets urinate. If you have pets at home, it would be best to buy cheap and disposable rug pads. After all, there is no point of buying expensive ones that you would eventually throw away and replace whenever your pet pees.

You can also start a regular schedule of cleaning inside the house. This will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating which can cause allergens and bacteria growth inside your home. You can start by lifting the carpet and exposing the pad beneath it. Usually, carpets are locked in with nails or carpet staples. You can take these off to locate the section of the pads that you wish to clean.

stainedcarpetStains can be a major problem especially that it can ruin the overall purpose of your rugs. That is why it should be handled right away. You can use a white paper towel or a cotton cloth to take care of stains. You can blot the pad and take out as much stains as possible to prevent it from permanently becoming a part of your precious carpet.

Stained areas can be sanitized using vinegar and water mixture. You can start by taking ½ cupful of white vinegar. Mix this with a quart of warm water and spread it using a sponge onto the pad. You can also liberally spread it on other areas that are stained. Have it sit on the pad for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, stubborn stains can be addressed using mild dish soap and water. Take out a bucket and fill it with warm water. Put the dish soap and rub the mixed solution onto the pad using a sponge. An old softened toothbrush can also work well for stains that are stubborn to take out. Rinse the pad using cool water and have all soap residues removed. Have the pad hanged or put it somewhere where air can directly pass through.

cleaningcarpetTo deodorize cleaned rugs, simply get baking soda and sprinkle it generously. After 15 minutes, have it vacuumed and put it back to its original place. Stains that have already remained on the rugs even after you have diligently tried to get it cleaned must have been there for a long time already. You may get it removed and replaced with a new one.

A helpful tip to always remember would be to immediately clean stains after liquid spillage. You can use cleaning agents but you cannot directly put this onto your rugs. Having vinegar and water mixture ready in a spray bottle will be handy for your cleaning chores.

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