Selecting The Right Rug Pads For Laminated Floors

rugpadsforlaminatedfloorsSelecting The Right Rug Pads For Laminated Floors

Laminated flooring will cost you less compared to hardwood flooring. It is also easier to replace and protect your floors just like hardwood does. Although laminate flooring is resistant to scratch and mostly strong, using it heavily can get your floors damaged. This is why homeowners make use of rug pads. It does not only help protect your floors, it can also serve as an added décor inside the house.

You may want to look at different types of rug pads before making a purchase. Homeowners should remember that rugs can easily slip when placed on smooth laminated floorings. It is wise to select the right rug pad to ensure that your rugs do not slide or slip away.

Choosing the right rug pads is not difficult to do. First, take out a tape measure to be able to get the exact width and length of the rug. This is important because if your rug pad is entirely smaller than your rug, it can’t keep it from sliding which can cause eventual damage to your flooring. This is why rug pads should be a little bit smaller or has the same size with the rugs you use.

thickrugpadYou also have to determine how thick your rug pad will be. This can be done by checking both your floors and rugs. Usually, the height of rug pads range from 1/8 to 1/4 inches. If your laminated floors are uneven, you should get a thick rug pad. This is also advised especially in areas that receive a lot of traffic. Homeowners are advised to get a thinner rug pad for areas that receive less traffic or if the rugs used are delicate.

A good choice for a rug pad at home is one that does not have any glue or other adhesives. This will assure that your rug pad will be able to keep your rugs from slipping or sliding without damaging your laminated floors. A good example is a felt rug pad which gives comfort and stability without leaving behind any sticking residue.

Homeowners should test rug pads before buying it. This will help them determine the durability of the rug pads and its quality. You can start the test by stepping on it with your shoes on. Test it again with bare feet to determine comfort as you will be the one using it at home. You should also remember that if a rug pad feels overly spongy, this might not get your floors protected.

laminatedflooringLaminated floorings are mostly sensitive to rubber and synthetic. That is why a lot of homeowners are cautious in choosing the right rug pads. A recycled jute rug pad is an excellent choice as it is by far the best rug pad available. Rugs can highlight your laminated floorings with its design and texture. As soon as you have decided where to put the rugs, its sizes and designs, choosing the right rug pad to keep it in place will be simple.

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