How to Get the Right Rug Pad for your Rugs and Carpets

How to Get the Right Rug Pad for your Rugs and Carpets

Handmade rugs should have strong cotton foundation on the inside to keep its structure in place. That is why you should not buy rugs with spongy pads. If you happen to buy one insisting on its low cost, your rugs will lead to eventual damage as much stress would be placed on its foundation.

choosetherightrugpadThere are some important reasons why using a rug pad is the best thing to do. First, it helps to keep the rug or the carpet stay in place. Second, it helps to support the carpet adding more years to its lifespan. Third, it acts as a barrier that prevents floor moisture from penetrating the rug. Lastly, it prevents insect activity towards the rug.

Without a rug pad, a carpet or rug can easily crawl around even when it is placed beneath heavy furniture. If you have a rug pad under your rugs, you are assured that it is firmly placed to prevent further damage caused by slipping or sliding.

Homeowners should remember that although rugs can be cleaned, pads can’t! On the other hand, there are some pads that can be cleaned but the process would make it ineffective. Pets are also among the reasons why pads become dirty. Sometimes, pets urinate on the pad which will have the rug soaked. If you have pets, you can opt to buy cheaper rug pads which you can dispose every year.

If you are wondering why pads differ in prices, the answer is simple. Better pads usually cost more but can last long compared to cheaper ones. However, if you have pets at home, it is not recommended to buy high quality pads. This is because you will be changing these even before they become worn out after your pet peed on it.

Pads are no longer necessary for wall-to-wall carpets because of the spongy issue under the rug. Effectiveness is also not guaranteed making it not recommended to be used. If possible, homeowners are advised to avoid having wall-to-wall carpeting laid with carpets.

rightrugpadRugs that are assigned in areas that receive heavy traffic usually wear off prematurely. That is why preventing this from happening would be a good move. It would save you a lot of money from buying new rugs frequently. Solid rug pads are recommended for rugs that are placed in areas where most people pass by. This will help lengthen the lifespan of the rugs because there would be a cushion placed beneath it that would serve as a shock absorber.

Rugs that are placed directly on the floors will be quickly worn out. Those that are too spongy and soft are also in danger of getting prematurely worn out. That is why getting the best rug pads depending on which area you will place it is the best thing to do to prevent damage on your precious rugs. Of course, you don’t want an heirloom carpet to wear off because you did not take care of it. You can ask a home store salesman for advice regarding the best rug pads that would suit your needs best.

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