The Different Types Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are more than just regular wooden floors that can be installed anywhere. Depending on the requirements, hardwood floors are then to be chosen. There are three major types of wood that are used in making hardwood floors. Following are their characteristics that will help people decide which wood type is best suited for a hardwood floor in their homes.
Acrylic Wood Flooring
This is the type of wood often used by commercial buildings and large scale offices. The reason for this limited use is because this particular type of wood is distinctively hard and is resistant towards all moisture and spillage. It cannot be scratched too easily which is why it is very convenient for commercial projects. Often times when people get furniture made they get it polished to give it a shinier and more formal looking finish. Hardwood floors made of acrylic have that kind of a finish; hard, resistant and shiny.
Solid Wood Flooring
As the name suggests this is flooring made of solid wood. This can further be divided into three parts:

–    Floorboard
This is also known as parquet flooring as it has a very unique design to it. This design is achieved by attaching solid wood in a pattern and fixating it there. The result of the wooden floor is in the pattern that the wood was fixated in.
–    Timber
This is also known as plank flooring and is a very simple type of flooring that only varies in thickness. This can be best suited for drawing rooms and lounges and can easily be found in the required thickness.
–    Sliver
This is also known as strip flooring and is the last type of solid wood flooring available. Like plank flooring it also varies greatly in its width and thickness. It can very easily be installed in houses and is best suited for a domestic setup.
Planned Wood Flooring
This particular type of flooring is principally contrived in respect of where it is needed and for what purpose. Unlike color coated flooring, engineered wooden floors are composed of many layers of coats over a solid and real wood. It can be colored regarding the desire of the client, but unlike mostly bought laminated sheets of wood, engineered wood has real wood acting as the support.
Hence when purchasing a wood type for a hardwood floor in a house or a commercial building it is important to know of the varieties that can be found. It is also important to understand which type of hardwood floor is best suited for the desired setup. This was such an investment does not go into a loss and keeps the environment uniform. They can also install best rug pads to maintain their floors.


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