Non Slip Rug Pad

Keeping the slippery rug in place is one of the easiest things anyone can do. All it takes is a trip to the nearest outlet and buy the rug pad and keep the rug from damage. It is strong, thick and durable and holds the rug in place.
They range from materials such as felt and rubber to recycled, good quality foam. Each rug pad is made environmentally safe and doesn’t damage the floor once put on. With careful care and cleaning, which is very easy, a rug pad can easily last for ten years, perhaps more. A onetime investment for something so high-quality is good news for all buyers; it is simply a wise decision.
Rug pads are unique, containing a felt and rubber texture that keeps the rug in place. It prevents slipping and keeps the rug’s edges from curling and causing a tripping hazard. Made from synthetic and safe materials, a rug pad keeps the home and carpeting safe for the user.
The features of a non slip rug are simple. They keep the rug in place, they are strong enough to take on the pressure and shock without letting the fibres get crushed and they cushion the rug. Sitting and stepping on a rug with a pad underneath is both safe and comfortable from children and adults.
Protection – Durahold rug pads can resist pressure and stress that can penetrate through a simple rug and go to the floor. The pressure can easily damage the fibres of the rug and shorten the life of a carpet. The Non Slip rug pads not only keep the pad in place they also protect the rug and are serviceable for all sorts of traffic. They will not tear or break under the pressure applied nor will they let the carpet slip out from under people’s feet.
Construction – Using solid rubber and felt, the rug pad is made in a safe, clean and healthy way. It is not chemically treated or has adhesives sprayed on them, which makes them a safe addition to the home. These rug pads are all environmentally safe because they are heat pressed rather than glued together. This fuses the two materials together and gives them a longer life without risk of any sort of fumes releasing into the air and causing harm.
Grip – The grip of a Durahold non slip rug pad is the most important part. It has no glue attached to it yet the rubber and felt hold it in place, just like the underside of a sneaker keeps the wearer from slipping. The grooves and woven pattern, once placed under the carpet, keep it from slipping under pressure or getting bunched up in a corner.
Safe – the Durahold rug pads are compatible with all sorts of floors. From concrete to polished marble, each rug pad is designed to work on all surfaces. They do not slip and they do not cause damage to themselves or the carpet.
Durable, easy and a good accessory to have, rug pads are essential to keep the life of a rug is important. From Oriental to throw rugs, the non slip rug pad will have a firm grip on them all and keep them all safe from damage, taking on too much pressure and wrinkling. Getting a rug pad and placing beneath the rug not only makes the rug safe and sound, it gives the home a secure atmosphere where you are guaranteed non-slippery floors. Your family, specially young children, benefit from this advantage and can play all day without you having to worry over them.