The Best Rug Pads

The Best Rug Pads

bestrugpadThe claim of being the best rug pad is a tall order to meet. The industry itself, loosely associated as it is, does not have specific criteria regarding that matter. Being the best requires a lot from both the maker and the product itself. We have whittled down the basic qualities that make one manufacturer’s rug pad better than the others.

a) Price. This is the first and foremost quality that rug pads are measured against. It is also the major pitfall many owners step into, as they think cost would justify the purchase. The idea that an item hidden away providing no aesthetic value would have cost, unless it’s the beam holding up the whole house. Unfortunately, this mentality has caused many a nightmare to new homeowners, as the low price means low quality and may even bring issues both to the home and its inhabitants.

b) Materials. The second quality that needs to be reviewed in determining if a rug pad is the best one in the market is its materials. Many of the rug pads now currently in use and circulation are made from petrochemicals. This means, the materials are oil based, using discarded oil to create the foam as well as other materials for the rug pad. There is an issue here as known oil based materials degrade over time, releasing chemicals into the surrounding area, ruining the dream home built.

c) Construction. Still another quality subject to scrutiny by industry advocates is the construction of the rug pad. Nearly 90% of rug pads in use today use spray on adhesives to put the rug materials together. This is the most inexpensive way of putting all the layers of materials together into one rug pad. The problem though with this process is that after a number of years, the said adhesive turns into powder, resulting in major issues. These issues include the powdering of the said adhesive, leaving the rug pad without any means to hold itself together.

d) Sizes and Styles. The best rug pads offer not just one kind of style and size, as well as materials. There must be versatility in the design as well as different sizes for different uses in a given home. This is one aspect of rug pads that many fail to meet, as the mentality is one size fits all.

rugpadsClearly, the criteria in the determination of the best rug pad in the market is quite strict and of high standard. After due review, there is only one rug pad manufacturer that is able to meet these. The following are the reasons why Rug Pads USA is the best manufacturer and offer the best rug pads in the market today.

a) Price. Rug Pads USA rug pads are reasonably priced. This is because the price of the rug pad provides a premium as against other cheaper alternatives available in the market today. Think of the purchase as part of the overall investment one makes in their home, especially for those unseen hidden places. These rug pads from Rug Pads USA provide safety as well as comfort for users in the area. The safety aspect would prevent rugs from folding up and causing others to slip to injure themselves. The comfort aspect would be having foam padding to support those that use the rug as their runway, easing the pressure on the legs and feet by absorbing the shock of the movement. These are guaranteed qualities that no other rug pad in the market can offer. Thus, for a bit more expense, one can have a rug pad that guarantees both safety and comfort over time.

b) Materials. Rug Pads USA rug pads are made of top quality materials. The materials are not discarded foams or oil based materials. The rug pads are made of high quality foam as well as top quality rug materials that are unmatched in both reliability and quality. Thus, there is no problem regarding degradation or degassing of the materials over time. This in turn, would keep your rug in place, safe and comfortable for many years to come without any danger of being ruined by a second class rug pad.

c) Construction. Rug Pads USA rug pads do not use the spray on adhesive technique other cheaper alternatives use. Instead, rug pads from this manufacturer use weaving as well as adhesives that do not turn to powder after a number of years. The construction of the rug pad, with its special qualities, is sturdier as well as more resilient compared to others in the market today. This means the overall construction of the rug pad provides more years of service without danger as to degradation or destruction of the home where the said rug pad would be situated.

d) Sizes and Styles. This is one category that Rug Pads USA is the runaway choice. The portfolio of designs, sizes and styles of rug pads from this manufacturer is unparalleled in the market today. Aside from the standard 8’x10’ rug pad, there are smaller as well as larger cuts. There are also different thicknesses, foams and other purposed design options for rug pads available. Ultimately, the options and choices from Rug Pads USA allows it to provide a whole host of options for the homeowner regarding their rugs and rug pad needs.

rugpadusapadAs can be seen, Rug Pads USA rugs and rug pads are a cut above the rest. Not only are the materials of world class quality, its construction is the best in the industry today. The sizes and styles available are of a wide array, way above the competition. The main drawback though is the price, which has a bit of a premium compared to the competition. Ultimately, for the individual homeowner seeking to have the comfort, security and peace of mind as to the all the implements in the home, a little investment would go a long way. In the end, choosing Rug Pads USA rug pads would be one of the best decisions one makes in building and maintaining their dream home.