Ideal Rug Pads for Homes

Ideal Rug Pads for Homes

Rug pads are essential parts of a house or apartment. Not everybody knows this until carpets and rugs begin to slip and slide away. A rug pad can help secure your rugs in its proper place. Having big furniture on top of a carpet does not guarantee that it will stay in its position. Carpets will eventually crawl and snag shoe heels causing accidental fall. Getting a good rug pad will help prevent these incidents.

idealrugpadThere are different types of rug pads available in the market. This includes pads made with plastic, rubber and PVC. However, there are also rugs that are eco-friendly. This is a good choice if you have floors made from hardwood because it will not compromise your floors with its adhesives or chemical components.

Felt and natural rug pads are common choices for homeowners having wooden floors. Felt pads work best with any type of hard wood floors. You can ask your local home store for available felt rug pads along with its prices that would best fit your budget.

Rug pads work as barriers between the ground and your carpets. It can absorb moisture and lengthen the lifespan of your carpets. It also protects it from dust and molds and keeps bacteria from spreading in the entire house.

rupadBefore deciding the pads to purchase, run a few tests to make sure it is the right one for you. Step on the pad with your shoes on to determine what feels best. Take your shoes off and have another feel for comfort. Try walking on it to and fro to determine if you feel comfortable. You will be the one using it so it would be best to ensure that you get the most comfort as possible.

To be able to make sure you get the right pads, you have to examine the type of floors you have. Next, get one that is not bigger than your carpets. Pads are readily cut when you make your purchase. However, there are instances when they are still uncut. You can do the cutting at home after you measure the carpet you have. Prepare a carpet pads cutting tool and a pair of gloves to start. Be sure to place it on a flat surface to have it evenly cut.

idealrugpadHomeowners should ensure that the size of the rug is about 1.5 inches all around. You will be able to get this by measuring your rug, not including the fringe, and subtract 3 inches from the width and another 3 from the length. This is done because the pads can be stretched and flattened after years of using it. If you over cut it, the carpet will not settle in its place. If the pads are not custom cut, it will contribute to the premature wearing of your carpet. Aside from sizes and designs, you also have to check on home clearances. This will help you prevent cases where you can no longer open your door because it is too thick.

How to Get the Right Rug Pad for your Rugs and Carpets

How to Get the Right Rug Pad for your Rugs and Carpets

Handmade rugs should have strong cotton foundation on the inside to keep its structure in place. That is why you should not buy rugs with spongy pads. If you happen to buy one insisting on its low cost, your rugs will lead to eventual damage as much stress would be placed on its foundation.

choosetherightrugpadThere are some important reasons why using a rug pad is the best thing to do. First, it helps to keep the rug or the carpet stay in place. Second, it helps to support the carpet adding more years to its lifespan. Third, it acts as a barrier that prevents floor moisture from penetrating the rug. Lastly, it prevents insect activity towards the rug.

Without a rug pad, a carpet or rug can easily crawl around even when it is placed beneath heavy furniture. If you have a rug pad under your rugs, you are assured that it is firmly placed to prevent further damage caused by slipping or sliding.

Homeowners should remember that although rugs can be cleaned, pads can’t! On the other hand, there are some pads that can be cleaned but the process would make it ineffective. Pets are also among the reasons why pads become dirty. Sometimes, pets urinate on the pad which will have the rug soaked. If you have pets, you can opt to buy cheaper rug pads which you can dispose every year.

If you are wondering why pads differ in prices, the answer is simple. Better pads usually cost more but can last long compared to cheaper ones. However, if you have pets at home, it is not recommended to buy high quality pads. This is because you will be changing these even before they become worn out after your pet peed on it.

Pads are no longer necessary for wall-to-wall carpets because of the spongy issue under the rug. Effectiveness is also not guaranteed making it not recommended to be used. If possible, homeowners are advised to avoid having wall-to-wall carpeting laid with carpets.

rightrugpadRugs that are assigned in areas that receive heavy traffic usually wear off prematurely. That is why preventing this from happening would be a good move. It would save you a lot of money from buying new rugs frequently. Solid rug pads are recommended for rugs that are placed in areas where most people pass by. This will help lengthen the lifespan of the rugs because there would be a cushion placed beneath it that would serve as a shock absorber.

Rugs that are placed directly on the floors will be quickly worn out. Those that are too spongy and soft are also in danger of getting prematurely worn out. That is why getting the best rug pads depending on which area you will place it is the best thing to do to prevent damage on your precious rugs. Of course, you don’t want an heirloom carpet to wear off because you did not take care of it. You can ask a home store salesman for advice regarding the best rug pads that would suit your needs best.

What You Need To Know About Rug Pads

What You Need To Know About Rug Pads

rugpadHomeowners do not realize the need for rug pads until they see rugs and carpets sliding and slipping away from its place. Frequent slipping and sliding of rugs can lead to eventual floor damage. That is why getting a good quality rug pad is essential.

There are several types of rug pads available in the market today. The right rug pad for your house usually depends on your flooring type and your rug’s size. Room size rugs are usually placed beneath furniture and are not prone to slipping. A room-size rug is best paired with a recycled jute rug pad which is ideal to any type of flooring.

Jute rug pads are made from recycled materials that are mold resistant, odor free and non-allergenic. These pads are measured by their weight. This means that the heavier its weight, the better the rug pad is. Other options including rubber rug pads are also a popular choice because of its non-slip feature. An open weave non-slip rug pad is also a good choice to use for areas where thicker rugs cannot be used. You can buy the thinner variation to prevent sliding at a cheaper price.

knowmoreaboutrugpadsChoosing the right size for your rug pads is essential. Bear in mind that the rug pad should be smaller than the rug. This will keep the edges of the rug to be tapered on your flooring and prevent it from snagging someone’s shoe heels upon walking inside the room. Choosing a smaller rug pad than the rug will also help to conceal the pad. A helpful tip to remember is to get a pad which is less than one inch from the rug on all its four sides. Take note that it should not be 1 ½ inches less as well.

Rug pads are readily-cut upon purchase. However, if this was not done when you bought the rug pad, you can do it yourself. A room-size rug pad is often denser and thicker. For cutting, you will need a carpet knife and heavy gloves to avoid injury. Take a piece of plywood to work on cutting your rug pad. You can also work on a concrete floor to ensure safety while cutting.

Rug pads need regular maintenance. This includes a scheduled vacuuming to get rid of dusts that rest unseen. This will help lessen indoor pollution caused by household products and materials. It will also ensure that you are breathing good and clean air while inside the house. If you happen to accidentally spill liquid on your rug, get a white paper towel or cloth to immediately wipe it off.

arearugpadYou will eventually need to replace your rug pads after it has worn out. However, a good quality rug pad will last for years. Felt rug pads show signs of shredding that indicates they need to be replaced. Meanwhile, rubber rug pads show cracks which means they are already worn out. Homeowners should check their rug pads every six months for signs showing the need for replacement.