The Different Types Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are more than just regular wooden floors that can be installed anywhere. Depending on the requirements, hardwood floors are then to be chosen. There are three major types of wood that are used in making hardwood floors. Following are their characteristics that will help people decide which wood type is best suited for a hardwood floor in their homes.
Acrylic Wood Flooring
This is the type of wood often used by commercial buildings and large scale offices. The reason for this limited use is because this particular type of wood is distinctively hard and is resistant towards all moisture and spillage. It cannot be scratched too easily which is why it is very convenient for commercial projects. Often times when people get furniture made they get it polished to give it a shinier and more formal looking finish. Hardwood floors made of acrylic have that kind of a finish; hard, resistant and shiny.
Solid Wood Flooring
As the name suggests this is flooring made of solid wood. This can further be divided into three parts:

–    Floorboard
This is also known as parquet flooring as it has a very unique design to it. This design is achieved by attaching solid wood in a pattern and fixating it there. The result of the wooden floor is in the pattern that the wood was fixated in.
–    Timber
This is also known as plank flooring and is a very simple type of flooring that only varies in thickness. This can be best suited for drawing rooms and lounges and can easily be found in the required thickness.
–    Sliver
This is also known as strip flooring and is the last type of solid wood flooring available. Like plank flooring it also varies greatly in its width and thickness. It can very easily be installed in houses and is best suited for a domestic setup.
Planned Wood Flooring
This particular type of flooring is principally contrived in respect of where it is needed and for what purpose. Unlike color coated flooring, engineered wooden floors are composed of many layers of coats over a solid and real wood. It can be colored regarding the desire of the client, but unlike mostly bought laminated sheets of wood, engineered wood has real wood acting as the support.
Hence when purchasing a wood type for a hardwood floor in a house or a commercial building it is important to know of the varieties that can be found. It is also important to understand which type of hardwood floor is best suited for the desired setup. This was such an investment does not go into a loss and keeps the environment uniform. They can also install best rug pads to maintain their floors.


Lowe’s made a great video about installing hardwood floors for yourself, check it out.


Why You Should Choose A Wool Rug Pad

ecofiber4opt_14 A rug pad is a padding that is placed on the underside of your carpet or rug. Using rug pads will enhance the lifespan of your carpets and rugs as they provide extra coverage and protection reduce slippage and keep carpet fibers from fraying. Rugs, especially the expensive ones like oriental rugs, are a good investment for homes, so it helps to ensure their durability by using rug pads.
Benefits Of Wool Rug Pads
One of the best rug pads to be used with carpets are those made of wool. Wool rug pads offer homeowners many advantages over other rug pads.
They Are 100% Natural
Wool rug pads are made from the most natural and environmentally friendly ingredient: wool. They are completely biodegradable, which means they can be broken down into their original components by natural decomposition without causing pollution. When wool biodegrades, eco-friendly plant nutrients, like sulfur, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen, are produced. Unlike other rug pads which are treated with synthetics, a wool pad remains completely natural even after manufacture.
Can Be Used With All Floors
Wool is a very flexible material. A wool rug pad can be safely used with all types of floors and finishings. It can be easily used over hardwood, tile and stone floors which generally require more sensitivity and care.
Extra Comfort
Wool is a highly soft material that adds to the comfort and softness of the carpet. This makes them suitable for layering carpets in rooms like bathrooms, kitchen and children’s nurseries. They also make pleasant additions in loving rooms. A rug pad adds to the density of the carpet and this helps to insulate the room so that loud noises do not penetrate.
wool26oz__30095.1431457098.1280.1280Easily Renewable
A wool rug pad is the only renewable rug pad available. A wool pad is remade whenever sheep are sheered, which is roughly every 9 to 12 months. Unlike wool rug pads, other pads contain synthetics which make for a prolonged manufacturing process.
Wool Is Odorless
Unlike other rug pads containing synthetic additives, wool rug pads are made from all natural and eco-friendly products and therefore 100% odourless.
Flame Repellant
Other rug pads need to be treated with fire-repellant chemicals to safeguard them against fire. This can compromise the quality of the rug pad. Wool is a natural fire repelling material that is hard to ignite to flame. Also, being biodegradable, wool does not add to air pollution when it burns.
Overall, wool rug pads come widely recommended by many home experts and homeowners as the best rug pads. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, comfortable and can be used with all floors. Considering all their benefits, wool rug pads make a good investment for your rugs and carpets.

Non Slip Rug Pad

Keeping the slippery rug in place is one of the easiest things anyone can do. All it takes is a trip to the nearest outlet and buy the rug pad and keep the rug from damage. It is strong, thick and durable and holds the rug in place.
They range from materials such as felt and rubber to recycled, good quality foam. Each rug pad is made environmentally safe and doesn’t damage the floor once put on. With careful care and cleaning, which is very easy, a rug pad can easily last for ten years, perhaps more. A onetime investment for something so high-quality is good news for all buyers; it is simply a wise decision.
Rug pads are unique, containing a felt and rubber texture that keeps the rug in place. It prevents slipping and keeps the rug’s edges from curling and causing a tripping hazard. Made from synthetic and safe materials, a rug pad keeps the home and carpeting safe for the user.
The features of a non slip rug are simple. They keep the rug in place, they are strong enough to take on the pressure and shock without letting the fibres get crushed and they cushion the rug. Sitting and stepping on a rug with a pad underneath is both safe and comfortable from children and adults.
Protection – Durahold rug pads can resist pressure and stress that can penetrate through a simple rug and go to the floor. The pressure can easily damage the fibres of the rug and shorten the life of a carpet. The Non Slip rug pads not only keep the pad in place they also protect the rug and are serviceable for all sorts of traffic. They will not tear or break under the pressure applied nor will they let the carpet slip out from under people’s feet.
Construction – Using solid rubber and felt, the rug pad is made in a safe, clean and healthy way. It is not chemically treated or has adhesives sprayed on them, which makes them a safe addition to the home. These rug pads are all environmentally safe because they are heat pressed rather than glued together. This fuses the two materials together and gives them a longer life without risk of any sort of fumes releasing into the air and causing harm.
Grip – The grip of a Durahold non slip rug pad is the most important part. It has no glue attached to it yet the rubber and felt hold it in place, just like the underside of a sneaker keeps the wearer from slipping. The grooves and woven pattern, once placed under the carpet, keep it from slipping under pressure or getting bunched up in a corner.
Safe – the Durahold rug pads are compatible with all sorts of floors. From concrete to polished marble, each rug pad is designed to work on all surfaces. They do not slip and they do not cause damage to themselves or the carpet.
Durable, easy and a good accessory to have, rug pads are essential to keep the life of a rug is important. From Oriental to throw rugs, the non slip rug pad will have a firm grip on them all and keep them all safe from damage, taking on too much pressure and wrinkling. Getting a rug pad and placing beneath the rug not only makes the rug safe and sound, it gives the home a secure atmosphere where you are guaranteed non-slippery floors. Your family, specially young children, benefit from this advantage and can play all day without you having to worry over them.

Safest Non-Slip Rug Pads

Ultra-Non-slip-Rug-Pad-4-x-6-P11996891Rug pads are available in many varieties. The choice of rug pads is based on what floor type they have to be installed on: tiled or hardwood. A Non-slip Premium Rug Pad guarantees that both the carpet and the floor will last long. The form of a rug pad is inclusive of a suction mechanism which keeps the carpet placed firmly on the floor suction force between carpets and the floor. The suction force provides a safe environment inside the house.
The most secure rug pads are the ones that guarantee a non-slip quality. Their thickness and density differs depending on the purpose the padding is serving. Rug pads can either be required for an area rug or to line an entire room. Non-slip rug pads are free from all kinds of adhesives and glues. This guarantees that the non-slip quality would not harm the expensive carpets and newly installed hardwood floors in any way.

Following are two most prominent and safest kinds of non-slip rug pads. These are the finest choices:

Textured Rubber Providing A Non-Slip Action
The basic feature of  these rubber rug pads is their surface texture. Unlike other rug pads, these do not have a smooth surface, but a coarse one. The surface structure allows a firm grip on both sides of the pad; with the carpet and floor. The textured rubber rug pads have a form which provides them with a rough surface without undergoing any chemical processes.
The non-slip quality of textured rubber rug pads provide the same function as glue. It ensures that regardless of how rough the carpet is being used, it retains its position without damaging the floor. The vacuum created within the empty space forms a suction cup strong enough to keep the carpet in its place. Despite it forming a  solid grip with the floor, in case of removal or change in location, it leaves no marks on the hardwood.
If you have a hardwood floor and you require a welcome mat, a bathroom rug, an area rug or furniture padding, this type of padding will be the best choice for you. Textured rubber rug pads will keep your home’s aesthetic appeal maintained and will secure your carpets and your floors. Above all, it gives your house an inviting and comforting ambience by improving the visual appeal and physical use of the carpets.

Elastic Rug Pads Suitable For All The Floors
Elastic rug pads are not chemically treated and are utilized to cushion carpets while in their rawest form. Since it is crude and has not been chemically changed, it is free from all adhesives and glues which naturally guarantee the  floor and the area carpet would last longer.
Therefore, these glues are not the cause of its non-slip quality. Its basic arrangement permits it to create a durable link between the floor and the mat. This provides assurance that the lavish hardwood floors and expensive room carpets and area rugs are safe.
Another advantage of buying untreated elastic rug pads is that they are not carpet specific. Regardless of what kind of carpet is placed; oriental, silk or ordinary, you can pair it up with the untreated elastic to give you the cusSuperior-Premium-Felted-Reversible-Dual-Surface-Non-Slip-Rug-Pad-6x9-P16189635hioning.
These two types of rug pads are safest in terms of providing you comfort and protection. They cushion falls and minimize blows. They also protect the floor from damage in case heavy furniture is being moved around or when liquids spill. Furthermore, both the mentioned types are made of rubber and elastic which are water resistant. This ensures advanced protection of the floor and provides easy ways to carry out wet and dry cleaning processes.

The Best Rug Pads

The Best Rug Pads

bestrugpadThe claim of being the best rug pad is a tall order to meet. The industry itself, loosely associated as it is, does not have specific criteria regarding that matter. Being the best requires a lot from both the maker and the product itself. We have whittled down the basic qualities that make one manufacturer’s rug pad better than the others.

a) Price. This is the first and foremost quality that rug pads are measured against. It is also the major pitfall many owners step into, as they think cost would justify the purchase. The idea that an item hidden away providing no aesthetic value would have cost, unless it’s the beam holding up the whole house. Unfortunately, this mentality has caused many a nightmare to new homeowners, as the low price means low quality and may even bring issues both to the home and its inhabitants.

b) Materials. The second quality that needs to be reviewed in determining if a rug pad is the best one in the market is its materials. Many of the rug pads now currently in use and circulation are made from petrochemicals. This means, the materials are oil based, using discarded oil to create the foam as well as other materials for the rug pad. There is an issue here as known oil based materials degrade over time, releasing chemicals into the surrounding area, ruining the dream home built.

c) Construction. Still another quality subject to scrutiny by industry advocates is the construction of the rug pad. Nearly 90% of rug pads in use today use spray on adhesives to put the rug materials together. This is the most inexpensive way of putting all the layers of materials together into one rug pad. The problem though with this process is that after a number of years, the said adhesive turns into powder, resulting in major issues. These issues include the powdering of the said adhesive, leaving the rug pad without any means to hold itself together.

d) Sizes and Styles. The best rug pads offer not just one kind of style and size, as well as materials. There must be versatility in the design as well as different sizes for different uses in a given home. This is one aspect of rug pads that many fail to meet, as the mentality is one size fits all.

rugpadsClearly, the criteria in the determination of the best rug pad in the market is quite strict and of high standard. After due review, there is only one rug pad manufacturer that is able to meet these. The following are the reasons why Rug Pads USA is the best manufacturer and offer the best rug pads in the market today.

a) Price. Rug Pads USA rug pads are reasonably priced. This is because the price of the rug pad provides a premium as against other cheaper alternatives available in the market today. Think of the purchase as part of the overall investment one makes in their home, especially for those unseen hidden places. These rug pads from Rug Pads USA provide safety as well as comfort for users in the area. The safety aspect would prevent rugs from folding up and causing others to slip to injure themselves. The comfort aspect would be having foam padding to support those that use the rug as their runway, easing the pressure on the legs and feet by absorbing the shock of the movement. These are guaranteed qualities that no other rug pad in the market can offer. Thus, for a bit more expense, one can have a rug pad that guarantees both safety and comfort over time.

b) Materials. Rug Pads USA rug pads are made of top quality materials. The materials are not discarded foams or oil based materials. The rug pads are made of high quality foam as well as top quality rug materials that are unmatched in both reliability and quality. Thus, there is no problem regarding degradation or degassing of the materials over time. This in turn, would keep your rug in place, safe and comfortable for many years to come without any danger of being ruined by a second class rug pad.

c) Construction. Rug Pads USA rug pads do not use the spray on adhesive technique other cheaper alternatives use. Instead, rug pads from this manufacturer use weaving as well as adhesives that do not turn to powder after a number of years. The construction of the rug pad, with its special qualities, is sturdier as well as more resilient compared to others in the market today. This means the overall construction of the rug pad provides more years of service without danger as to degradation or destruction of the home where the said rug pad would be situated.

d) Sizes and Styles. This is one category that Rug Pads USA is the runaway choice. The portfolio of designs, sizes and styles of rug pads from this manufacturer is unparalleled in the market today. Aside from the standard 8’x10’ rug pad, there are smaller as well as larger cuts. There are also different thicknesses, foams and other purposed design options for rug pads available. Ultimately, the options and choices from Rug Pads USA allows it to provide a whole host of options for the homeowner regarding their rugs and rug pad needs.

rugpadusapadAs can be seen, Rug Pads USA rugs and rug pads are a cut above the rest. Not only are the materials of world class quality, its construction is the best in the industry today. The sizes and styles available are of a wide array, way above the competition. The main drawback though is the price, which has a bit of a premium compared to the competition. Ultimately, for the individual homeowner seeking to have the comfort, security and peace of mind as to the all the implements in the home, a little investment would go a long way. In the end, choosing Rug Pads USA rug pads would be one of the best decisions one makes in building and maintaining their dream home.

The Basics of Cleaning Rug Pads

The Basics of Cleaning Rug Pads

Most homeowners think that rug pads are not affected whenever pet activities or accidental spills happen. They think the rugs on top are most affected by these incidents. However, rug pads are also inadvertently compromised whenever these happen.

cleaningrugpadRug pads work as barriers between floors and carpets. In return, rug pads absorb the moisture which causes a moldy odor. You can take care of this by using reliable household products. Rug pad deodorizers are also available in the market. You can also use a cleaning agent provided that the instruction label of the pads allows you to do so.

Rug pads also become the shock absorber in cases where your pets urinate. If you have pets at home, it would be best to buy cheap and disposable rug pads. After all, there is no point of buying expensive ones that you would eventually throw away and replace whenever your pet pees.

You can also start a regular schedule of cleaning inside the house. This will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating which can cause allergens and bacteria growth inside your home. You can start by lifting the carpet and exposing the pad beneath it. Usually, carpets are locked in with nails or carpet staples. You can take these off to locate the section of the pads that you wish to clean.

stainedcarpetStains can be a major problem especially that it can ruin the overall purpose of your rugs. That is why it should be handled right away. You can use a white paper towel or a cotton cloth to take care of stains. You can blot the pad and take out as much stains as possible to prevent it from permanently becoming a part of your precious carpet.

Stained areas can be sanitized using vinegar and water mixture. You can start by taking ½ cupful of white vinegar. Mix this with a quart of warm water and spread it using a sponge onto the pad. You can also liberally spread it on other areas that are stained. Have it sit on the pad for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, stubborn stains can be addressed using mild dish soap and water. Take out a bucket and fill it with warm water. Put the dish soap and rub the mixed solution onto the pad using a sponge. An old softened toothbrush can also work well for stains that are stubborn to take out. Rinse the pad using cool water and have all soap residues removed. Have the pad hanged or put it somewhere where air can directly pass through.

cleaningcarpetTo deodorize cleaned rugs, simply get baking soda and sprinkle it generously. After 15 minutes, have it vacuumed and put it back to its original place. Stains that have already remained on the rugs even after you have diligently tried to get it cleaned must have been there for a long time already. You may get it removed and replaced with a new one.

A helpful tip to always remember would be to immediately clean stains after liquid spillage. You can use cleaning agents but you cannot directly put this onto your rugs. Having vinegar and water mixture ready in a spray bottle will be handy for your cleaning chores.

Why I Got Thick Rug Pads

thickpadsWhen I redecorated my formerly dull-looking home, one of the ways with which I decided to breathe new life into a boring surrounding was adding some colorful carpets. Several of my friends also have carpets, and walking over each, I could tell that they were of various thickness, or rather, elevation from the floor. This was because some of them used thick rug pads, some used thin ones and some just didn’t have any. Out of all, I definitely liked the feel of the thick rug pads most, so I wanted to get them for myself also, once I redecorate. When I have, however, I realized that it’s not just about the thickness, but that there are several other factors to consider.

I certainly did not want to cause damage to my nice carpets nor my floor, so I got to searching for the right material for my rug pads. This is very important as choosing the wrong rug pad can mean it doesn’t last long , doesn’t adequately protect the carpet or the floor, creates discomfort and even damages the carpet.

thickpadsAs you can see, you definitely want to gather as much information as possible in regards to this. Some factors won’t be important to you, just like noise reduction wasn’t an issue for me because I live on the ground floor, nor was slipping an issue because of the size of my rugs. So it was mostly all about having thick rug pads that won’t damage either the carpet or the floor while also being somewhat cushy. While bonded urethane foam is the most widespread material, accounting for the majority of rug pads, and is used from recycled materials which is eco-aware, it can cause the carpet to become yellow, so it was instantly out of the question. Rubber is also often used, with two primary types, one more quality than the other.

Waffle rubber is the lower quality option here, and while it was once popular, it doesn’t support the carpet well enough, causing it to wear down. This was also a no-go, despite the waffle rubber’s comfort. Flat rubber is the more quality option here, and in fact, a lot of people consider it the premium option. However, it can be a bit too hard sometimes, and none of the vendors in my area sold rubber rug pads with natural rubber. As synthetic rubber rug pads can break down, this also wasn’t the option for me.

thickfeltpadsFelt rug pads are another type of rug pad, essentially made of fiber, but due to the nature of the material, dampness can cause it to rot. There are two more types of foam, that is to say, urethane foam, rug pads available. Frothed urethane foam is denser, while prime foam is softer and cushier. Prime foam isn’t a good option for areas with high traffic, but for my home, I believed it was the perfect mixture of quality and comfort.

Each of the thick rug pads made out of prime foam that i bought cost me about $250 because of my larger rugs, but it was a great choice and I definitely wouldn’t want other rug pads.

Rubber Rug Pads and What You Need to Know

rubberpadRubber Rug Pads and What You Need to Know

Rug pads are, in my opinion, a necessity for every carpet owner that wishes to prevent their carpets from wearing down or sliding. But how does one choose from all the materials used to manufacture rug pads? There are quite a few, mostly divided into foam, felt or rubber rug pads. When I first decided to get rug pads, I didn’t know a thing about the materials, benefits nor drawbacks. An important thing for me to consider was the noise reduction of some of the rug pads, but for those living on the ground floor or not bothered by noise, it might not be.

If there is someone sitting on the carpet often, you will probably want to consider how much insulation from the floor the rug pad provides, as the floor might sometimes get cold. Felt rug pads are made with fiber and sometimes, but not always, mixed with rubber. It is not a choice for some as water can make the rug pad rot. Rubber rug pads are divided in two types. Waffle rubber, the less favored type, can often wear the carpet down as well as breaking down itself because the rubber is held together by clay. On the other hand, flat rubber is of much higher quality and does not break down easily, making it the preferred choice for many. Then, there is also foam, with several types of differing quality.

rubberrugpadThe lowest quality type but also the one most commonly used for making rug pads is bonded urethane foam. Not only will this type of rug pad break down sooner than other types of foam or rubber rug pads, it can also cause your carpet to become yellow. The choice between the other two types of foam is mostly related to comfort over sturdiness. Prime foam is often cushy but might not limit your carpet’s movement enough. It might also not add enough protection for it, but the other foam type, frothed urethane foam, because of its durability as well as longevity, offers very good protection against, for example, furniture marks on your carpet.

The price should also be considered and, depending on the sort of carpet you have, you might want to get the very best rug pad possible to avoid any wear or, as is the case with bonded urethane foam, yellowness. On the other hand, you don’t want your rug pad price to exceed the carpet price, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility. After much evaluation I decided to get several flat rubber rug pads of different sizes, and was not let down one bit. The noise reduction was also noticeable and a welcome addition. However, I only went for rug pads made with natural rubber, something i urge everyone to do as synthetic latex simply breaks down over time.

What You Need To Know About Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

What You Need To Know About Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

Rug pads are as important as your carpets. They prevent slipping and sliding and keep your carpets in its proper place. Even when you have big furniture above your carpets, without a rug pad beneath will still get it crawling out of its place. This can snag the shoe heels of your visitors that can lead to an accidental trip.

There are a lot of rug pads available in the market today. Prior to making a purchase, you have to consider the type of floor you have at home. This is important to save you money and time from buying a pad that will not work well with your flooring.

hardwoodfloorIf you have hardwood floors at home, felt pads are highly recommended. Buying a felt rug pad for hardwood floors are more durable compared to synthetic or rubber made pads which makes these an excellent choice. Felt pads come in different styles and can also be used with any type of hardwood floors.

Homeowners should remember that a rug pad for hardwood floors should wait about 2-3 weeks prior installation. Getting it installed the same time your wooden floors will only get it damaged. Ask a home store salesman for non-slip rug pads for wooden floors. They will help you choose from different designs and sizes that would best fit your carpets and floors at home.

Like rug pad for hardwood floors, there are also a lot of options for the type of wood to be used for a flooring project. You have to know the facts about the wood you are buying before finally making a purchase. Aside from the wood, it is also as important to know the type of subflooring your have as this will help determine the right hardwood for the project.

rugpadsforfloorsA solid hardwood floor will create an extraordinary look in your home. It will also give homeowners decades of durable service and resiliency. It is also a good choice because you can have it refinished it case you want a new look for your house. However, you have to prepare your budget as this can cost a little expensive compared to engineered hardwood.

Hardwood floors are recyclable, non-toxic and entirely safe. It does not take in molds and dusts that cause allergens. Wooden floors do not contribute to indoor air pollution. This will make you feel at ease that the floors you have at home will not compromise the health of your family members.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly rug pad for hardwood floors are also available. This will be a good choice as this will complement the type of floor you have. As it is eco-friendly, you don’t have to worry about getting chemicals or adhesives sticking to your floors. Carpets are also secured of not getting compromised from synthetic, plastic, latex or rubber made pads.

hardwoodfloorThere are different of hard wood available in the market for the construction of your floors. Areas in the house that receive high traffic are recommended to use Maple, Ash, Oak and Cherry. These woods have been given higher hardness grades making them withstand the friction of constantly walking to and fro in areas that have more people. Red Oak is also a popular choice because it costs a little lower but works just as fine compared to other hard wood.

Selecting The Right Rug Pads For Laminated Floors

rugpadsforlaminatedfloorsSelecting The Right Rug Pads For Laminated Floors

Laminated flooring will cost you less compared to hardwood flooring. It is also easier to replace and protect your floors just like hardwood does. Although laminate flooring is resistant to scratch and mostly strong, using it heavily can get your floors damaged. This is why homeowners make use of rug pads. It does not only help protect your floors, it can also serve as an added décor inside the house.

You may want to look at different types of rug pads before making a purchase. Homeowners should remember that rugs can easily slip when placed on smooth laminated floorings. It is wise to select the right rug pad to ensure that your rugs do not slide or slip away.

Choosing the right rug pads is not difficult to do. First, take out a tape measure to be able to get the exact width and length of the rug. This is important because if your rug pad is entirely smaller than your rug, it can’t keep it from sliding which can cause eventual damage to your flooring. This is why rug pads should be a little bit smaller or has the same size with the rugs you use.

thickrugpadYou also have to determine how thick your rug pad will be. This can be done by checking both your floors and rugs. Usually, the height of rug pads range from 1/8 to 1/4 inches. If your laminated floors are uneven, you should get a thick rug pad. This is also advised especially in areas that receive a lot of traffic. Homeowners are advised to get a thinner rug pad for areas that receive less traffic or if the rugs used are delicate.

A good choice for a rug pad at home is one that does not have any glue or other adhesives. This will assure that your rug pad will be able to keep your rugs from slipping or sliding without damaging your laminated floors. A good example is a felt rug pad which gives comfort and stability without leaving behind any sticking residue.

Homeowners should test rug pads before buying it. This will help them determine the durability of the rug pads and its quality. You can start the test by stepping on it with your shoes on. Test it again with bare feet to determine comfort as you will be the one using it at home. You should also remember that if a rug pad feels overly spongy, this might not get your floors protected.

laminatedflooringLaminated floorings are mostly sensitive to rubber and synthetic. That is why a lot of homeowners are cautious in choosing the right rug pads. A recycled jute rug pad is an excellent choice as it is by far the best rug pad available. Rugs can highlight your laminated floorings with its design and texture. As soon as you have decided where to put the rugs, its sizes and designs, choosing the right rug pad to keep it in place will be simple.